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:: Monday, December 23, 2002 ::

Another Holiday Rental

If you've taken my advice and rented a bunch of crowd pleasers , you may have a problem making your guests get up and leave. Not to worry. Nothing clears a room faster than Space: 1999.

What other classic sci-fi show was prescient enough to show us a future where everybody wears Members Only Jackets?

Now if you're going to unleash this show on your friends, you may as well do it right. Play them the best episode ever. Which one is that? Let's hear what the folks at Jump the Shark have to say:

There was one episode of this show that scared the hell out of me. (The one where the guy goes back to battle the slime creature with the glowing light on the front.)

When I was about 7 or 8, that show was my absolute favourite. I also have to say that the tentacle monster episode scared the living bejeezus out of me - by far the scariest episode.

I too am glad to see that other people were scared by that one episode. Anyone know the title of that ep with the terrifying monster that burned up people and ejected their corpse from it's "mouth"? I thought I only imagined it. It still gives me the creeps to this day, and I'm 33.

The episode that stuck with me most was, like many, the one where they are exploring a new planet and find a bunch of derelict spaceships in orbit. They dock with one, and this creature fills the doorway- it has hundreds of tentacles, and a big honking glowing eye in the center, with a slimy mouth under it. The eye would hypnotize the crew, and they would walk into the clutches of the tentacles and slide down into that mouth, and ten seconds later this steaming shriveled up husk would slide back out. Brrr.... Gave me nightmares for a few of my young years!

It's unanimous. The best episode of Space:1999 is Dragon's Domain

This episode has an extensive flashback which makes sense to describe first. Moonbase crewman Tony Cellini (Gianni Garko) is the sole survivor of the 1996 Ultra Probe. After a six-month journey (and coffee-drinking binge), Tony and his crew arrived at the newly discovered Planet Ultra. On the far side of Ultra they found a graveyard of derelict alien spacecraft. Selecting one with a tolerable atmosphere, Tony and crew docked and investigated.

While Tony stayed in the cockpit, his crew opened the airlock. A shrieking wind and eerie presence blasted into the Ultra Probe. Suddenly an alien with long tentacles and a quivering maw appeared inside the ship.

Through its power of hypnosis, the monster caught, devoured and spat out Tony's crew. Eeeeewww.

Aghast, Tony had no choice but to jettison his section of the Ultra Probe and limp home to the Earth and a court martial. Three years later (and in our story's 'present,') Tony is one of the crew of Moon Base Alpha.

Lately Tony's been having nightmares of the Ultra Probe, and they're taking their toll on his job performance. He tries to steal an Eagle-spacecraft, but is thwarted by Commander John Koenig (Martin Landau) in a Tarantino-style gunfight.

Koenig and Chief Medical Officer Helena Russell (Barbara Bain) meet in the Medical Station to ponder what's wrong with Tony. Meanwhile, guess what's drifting past Moon Base Alpha? Yes it's the same pile of spacejunk Tony found at Planet Ultra. Could it be the cause of his nightmares?

Koenig assembles a party to fly out and investigate. Tony hijacks his own Eagle and beats them to the haunted hulk. With his trusty axe, wages a one-man war against the tentacled monster. Unable to best the beast, Tony does manage to wound the monster before he's captured and dragged to his death.

Koenig and his posse burst onto the scene and finish the job. With the monster dead, they fly back to base, where Helena types up the adventure.

Pretty scary stuff, eh? Like I said, guaranteed to clear a room. And yet I find it strangely compelling. Anyone else?

One ear up

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